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Most Frequently Asked Questions :
Question: Is Quicktime required to use MovieFunnel?
Answer: Yes. MovieFunnel uses Quicktime to play and create movies, so it must be installed on your machine.

Question: Do I need Quicktime Player Pro features to use MovieFunnel?
Answer: No. MovieFunnel can play and create movies as well as capture and save without Quicktime Player Pro features.

Question: Does MovieFunnel support WIndows Media Files?
Answer: To play and export video in wmv format you must have Flip4Mac installed on your computer. It is available at

Question: How do I add a chapter marker in the middle of a clip?
Answer: Simply split the clip where you want a chapter marker. To do this double click on the clip to edit it, find the point where you want the chapter marker, and click the split button (scissors).

Question: What cameras can I use for capture?
Answer: Cameras used for video capture must have a Firewire (also known as IEEE 1394) output. Most modern DV cameras have this feature.

Question: How do I insert a clip instead of adding it to the end of the movie?
Answer: Holding down thr Option key when you drag clips into the project window will insert them before the clip you drop it on.

Question: My music clips play fine in the preview but when I export the movie I just hear silence.
Answer: Make sure the music you use is not copy protected. When you use a copy protected clip, you will see a small yellow triangle icon next to the clip's format info.

Question: I have Flip4Mac installed but exporting to WIndows Media format is not working properly.
Answer: You must have at least Flip4Mac WMV Studio installed in order to export WMV format. Additionally, only certain audio formats are supported. Unsupported audio formats will cause the export to fail and result in an empty export file. If you encounter this problem, first export to another format such as MP4, then export the resulting file to WMV. For more information visit


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Click here to download MovieFunnel Today //Easy Editing. Flexible Media and much more.