Unique features help you make movies faster!

Add music, narration and sound effects.
You can record narration from the built-in microphone or line in source. Watch your movie as you narrate. When you're ready to add music or sound effects, just drag an audio file from the finder right into the project window. Add up to four audio tracks. Use the Mixer feature to adjust the relative level of each sound track as well as the natural sound on your movie clips.

Easy Chapters.
Chapter markers can be added for any clip. Just double click on a clip where you want a chapter to start, enter the text in the chapter marker field and the marker is added to the finished movie. The chapter marker stays with the clip. This allows you to save projects containing a library of clips with pre-set markers, then quickly make a highlight reel with chapter markers in place. Directors and artists can use this feature to make fast demo reels.

Fast, slow or anything in-between.
You can adjust the speed of any clip by adjusting the speed slider. See speed changes immediately with no re-rendering. Speeds are adjustable from 10% to 600%. In addition to using the slider, you can enter an exact percentage using the keyboard.


Make time fly.
The built-in Time-Lapse feature lets you shoot exciting and dramatic time-lapse movies from any source - iSight or Firewire camera. Save as a movie or as a series of pictures. You can even create time-lapse from video camera playback. Shoot cloud formations, tides, plants, traffic etc. You'll be amazed at the results! Check out this sample.


Think inside the box.
Letterbox or pillarbox your finished movie in any color and aspect ratio. Even vertical.


Even spacing.
Sometimes you need to separate clips in a uniform way. For instance, you may want a second of black between each clip in a presentation. The Buffer Clip feature lets you do just that. You can use any clip as a buffer, and set a duration. MovieFunnel will automatically insert this clip between each clip of your finished movie.

Auto-Titles Feature

Automatic Titles.
You'll find many uses for Automatic Titles. You can select Title, Chapter Marker or Keywords to display. Billboard each clip in a presentation, or type-in dialog and create easy subtitles!

Export Animation ScreenshotAnimate yourself.
Sequences of still pictures can be combined and exported into a stand-alone movie using the Create Animation Sequence feature. Easily create time-lapse movies and other kinds of stop-frame animations. Art lessons not included.





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