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MovieFunnel is a handy multi-media application with unique features that will quickly make it a must-have tool on your computer. You'll find many uses for MovieFunnel - use it as a viewer, an organizer, a format converter or a basic editor. Quickly trim and assemble multiple video clips into a complete movie that you can upload, email or drag to applications like iDVD without hogging your hard drive and without copying the clips to a master library.

stopwatchStop waiting and start watching.
Importing into MovieFunnel is fast. For example, a folder of about 50 avi clips can typically be dragged into MovieFunnel and ready for use in about 10 seconds. Other applications can take almost an hour to do that. Exporting the finished movie for use in iDVD takes 5 seconds.

Chapters the easy way.
Adding chapter markers to movies makes the viewing experience more enjoyable. MovieFunnel makes chapter markers easy. Just double-click on a clip where you’d like to add a chapter marker, and type into the chapter marker field. When you drag the finished movie to iDVD, the chapter markers are recognized and sub-menus are created.

Hard drive
Help my hard drive!

Movie files can be huge. MovieFunnel allows you to make a movie without bloating your drive because it does not duplicate the data. In fact, using a card reader, you can edit and chapterize a movie without even copying the files to your hard drive.


Top Features:

Import: Most Quicktime-readable media file including avi, mov, mp4, tif, jpg, mp3, aif, wmv*, asf & aac.
Capture: Capture video and sound or pictures from or built-in iSight or FireWire video cameras. Built-in Time-lapse feature makes shooting dramatic time-lapse movies easy from external source or built-in iSight.
Record: Easy, one-step voice-over narration.
Edit: Adjust In-point, out-point, split, speed-up or slow-down any clip. V-only mode allows video inserts over audio.
Chapterize: Chapter markers can be included for any clip and are recognized by iDVD.
Titles: Add simple titles including scrolling credits, lower-third and type-on styles. Automatic titles feature makes subtitling a snap.
Re-order: Drag-and-drop re-ordering and copying between windows. Perfect for hilight reels.
Search: Enter keywords for any clip to perform quick searches.
Sort: Clips can be sorted by label, filename, filesize, chapter-marker or date.
Animate: Convert groups of stills into an animation sequence.
Save: Projects can be saved to disk for future use. Files are small and do not duplicate movie data. Project files contain thumbnails for easy reference when media files are off-line.
Export: as Quicktime reference movie, self-contained movie or resize and convert to other formats including iPod and iPhone.
Deliver To Final Cut Pro: Deliver entire project directly to Final Cut Pro or export as XML. All tracks are transferred including chapter markers.

*wmv support requires Flip4Mac available at www.flip4mac.com



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